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Online Booking for Neurodivergent Counseling Now Available!

Making it easier for autistic and ADHD folks to get started

Online Counseling Setting
Online Therapy

After finally streamlining my schedule, I've been able to set my platform up to accept online booking and appointment management! This applies to new clients wishing to book their 15-minute free consultation as well as to existing clients just wanting to manage their appointments and deal with rescheduling needs.

It can be difficult as an autistic person to ask for help in general. Add to this the fact that we're often pretty uncomfortable with the beginnings of any interactions with a new person. So, being able to skip to the scheduling allows us to streamline this process as much as possible and will hopefully remove another barrier to establishing neurodivergent counseling!

Of course, if you prefer to ask questions and have a dialogue before we schedule the consultation (or while we await the appointment time), this is fine as well. Please use the contact form here, or you can reach out directly by phone, text, or email. Text or email very much preferred :-)

All the info and a link to the scheduler can be found here!

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